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Disruptive Technology

Disruptive, hmm… The word might sound new for you if you heard it along with technology. Believe me, the technology that lies behind it won’t be new for you. It is as simple as renovating an existing technology. Or maybe, replacing technology with new innovations. For some companies, this seems welcoming. But it’s not the same for the rest. New technology means wrapping up everything that is used until the moment and needing new resources. This is a red signal because it has the ability to risk your shares in share markets. Let’s keep that aside and look for the bright side.

To mention, two of such disruptive technologies that our tech world has faced comprises, mobile phones and E-Commerce. The thing is, both of them are co-related and are accepted by consumers all over the globe – That is a green flag.

Let’s dive into the advantages of disruptive technology

 Disruptive technology can make miracle in Business growth and are able to take your business to a higher level by making use of the existing or new products and services.

 It can bring more clarity into current operations that are executed in the company. And at the same time helps to identify the improvements that are to be made in the process and structure.

 Disruptive technology opens up new possibilities that an organization could receive. This leads to adequate growth of the company in terms of revenue.

 True leaders and innovators are necessary for a company’s growth. Implantation of the disruptive technology can help discover them. Wonder How? The righteous leaders and innovators are curious and are welcoming to new challenges, instead of complaining about the risks they have to face. And henceforth you will know!

Here is an interesting list of disruptive technology

 Internet of things

 Artificial intelligence

 Space Colonization

 3D printing

 Medical Innovations

 High-Speed Travel


 Block-chain Technology

And not to forget, disruptive technology cannot always be the cherry on top of the cake. It may not always offer something that already exists. It also has the potential to destroy the overall market that you hold. But it opens up greater opportunity for business establishment.